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AirVi Wine Accessories

AirVi™ Vacuum Wine Saver - SIngle Pack

AirVi™ Vacuum Wine Saver - SIngle Pack

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The brand new AirVi Vacuum Wine Saver is the perfect gift for any wine lover. One of the more frustrating experiences while preserving a bottle of wine is tasting a difference after you pull the cork for the second time. With the AirVi Automatic Vacuum Wine Saver, you can now be confident that your wine will be preserved longer and fresher without sacrificing taste. AirVi’s innovative technology automatically senses when all oxygen has been removed from the bottle and a vacuum has been created, ensuring that your wine is to preserved longer. The result is the same great taste as when you originally opened the bottle. To use, simply put the vacuum sealer on the opening of the bottle, and it will take care of the rest. You will hear the motor kick on which is accompanied by a soft, 30 to 40 second hum and the light will turn blue. All oxygen has been removed when the light turns from blue to green and the motor slowly turns off and the hum dissipates. This AirVi™ innovation serves as an electric vacuum wine sealer that will work over 100 times before needing to change the batteries.
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Customer Reviews

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Great idea but.....

Wonderful idea - really saved my wine. However, after about 9 to 10 uses (within about 6 months) it quit working. Changing batteries did nothing. When it was not in use I kept in in the original box (part of AirVi Electric Opener Kit with Automatic Vacuum Wine Saver).


AirVi™ Vacuum Wine Saver - SIngle Pack

Easy to use works well.

Easy to use. Works well!

Tyler D
Very easy to use and looks great!

This is a very easy topper to use! Never waste wine again!

Amazing Product

What a great product! I’m a huge wine drinker but often dont finish the entire bottle. I pop this Vacuum Wine Saver on and i have a fresh glass of wine the next night!