AirVi™ FAQs

Which AirVi Items are Patented?

  • Each of our Automatic Dispenser and Aerator products are patented as of 2022. From our Standard Dispenser to the Premium and the Red/White Two Pack, all of those products are covered by a utility patent.

How Old is the AirVi™ Brand?

  • AirVi™ is about 1.5 years old as a brand and we are taking the wine market by storm! Starting with just one item, the Automatic Dispenser, we have grown the brand to a full encompassing wine accessory brand built for retail and e-commerce alike!

Is there anything that I need to do before using any of my AirVi™ Items? 

  • If your product requires batteries make sure the required batteries are in the unit, rinse water through any dispenser units and then you are good to use with a glass of wine!

What is the intended use for the dispensers and do you recommend to use with white wine? 

  • Yes! Although the main use of our dispensers is to aerate a glass of wine our products have great value with white wines! Often times you want to keep white wine chilled and submerged in ice and to pour a glass you are constantly removing the bottle and making a mess. With an AirVi™ dispenser you just touch a button and your glass is poured - no more water/ice spills!

Are AirVi™ Products Dishwasher Safe?

  • No, AirVi™ is not dishwasher safe! The best way to clean each product is to use with water to clean the insides out. The exteriors can all be cleaned by hand with a damp towel or a wipe.

What Batteries are needed for my AirVi™ Products?

  • Each Automatic Dispenser and Aerator requires a standard 9V Battery. The Electric Wine Opener Kit requires four (4) standard AA Batteries and the Vacuum Wine Saver requires two (2) AAA Batteries.