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AirVi Wine Accessories

AirVi™ Automatic Wine Dispenser Two Pack - Red and White

AirVi™ Automatic Wine Dispenser Two Pack - Red and White

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Simply put, press one button for high-quality aeration. Aerating is a critical aspect of pouring a quality glass of wine. The more that wine is exposed to oxygen, the more its taste, flavor, and texture will be enhanced. Connect the silicone tube to the mouth of the main unit and insert it into the bottle with a firm push ensuring a secure fit. Once connected to the wine bottle, place your glass under the spout and press the button on the top and watch as your wine dispenses and is aerated. This process provides a first-class wine-drinking experience at an affordable price.

This dispenser is designed to be spill/drip-free. The AirVi™ Wine Dispenser pumps air into the bottle, forcing wine out through the silicone tube and into the main housing of the unit. Here is where the wine is compressed and released through the spout into your glass. Once you release the button airflow is halted, creating a vacuum which pulls all the wine back into the bottle. This entire process takes place as you just press of a button!

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