Top Wine Housewarming Gifts

Top Wine Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming. After settling in and finding a place for all of your favorite things, its definitely time for a drink. Help new homeowners welcome friends and family into their new nest with wine tools and accessories for serving, pairing, and appreciating every bottle. In this blog is a list of a few housewarming gifts that can be paired with any product from the AirVi™ selection!

Top Wine-Related Housewarming Gifts

Gift new homeowners accessories and tools that can help them store, serve, and pair foods with the wines they love!

1. AirVi™ Wine Accessories

Did you think we'd start anywhere else?! Give the gift of AirVi™ to help welcome a loved one into their new home. The AirVi™ brand provides everything that is needed for someone to really enjoy a quality glass of wine.


2. Cocktail Shaker

For classic cocktails, a stainless steel shaker is essential. Every home needs one, so supply it to a friend or family member as they move in! 

3. Bar Spoon and Mixing Glass

For classic drinks that are stirred rather than shaken, a bar spoon and mixing glass are key. This is necessary for any cocktail - give them the necessities!

4. Ice Cube Trays

We could chat all day about ice molds and the ice itself, but the bottom line is that great cocktails always involve great ice. Large cubes and spheres are always great to have on hand—they'll melt more slowly and won't dilute the drinks.

5. Wine Glasses

How can they enjoy their new AirVi™ products without having brand new wine glasses? Complete their bar with some fresh and brand-new wine glasses!

There are so many great gifts out there for new homeowners who love wine. Aside from making sure their bar is stocked with the latest AirVi™ Wine Accessories, give unique bar gifts and help fully stock a new homeowner's most important space - their bar! 

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