With the simple touch of a button you can easily open a bottle of wine in about 6 seconds utilizing the AirVi Electric Wine Opener. You no longer have to worry about the struggle of twisting your cork or have to worry about pushing it into the bottle. The electric wine opener comes in a gift box that includes a cutter, aerator and a vacuum stopper to provide a top-notch wine drinking experience, and a great gift for the wine lover in your life.

  1. Foil Cutter – Simply twist to easily cut the foil above the lip.

  2. Electric One Touch Opener – With the simple press of a button open any bottle of wine in roughly 6 seconds.

  3. Aerator – Release the flavor of your wine and easily pour without any mess or spills.

  4. Vacuum Wine Stopper – Remove the air so your wine keeps its flavor next time you are ready to enjoy a glass.


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