Drastically improve the texture, aroma, and most importantly, the flavor of your wine with the AirVi™ Wine Aerator & Professional Pourer.  The professional design allows for smooth aeration and flow. The upgraded construction includes a leak-proof rubber seal to prevent drips or spills. The aerator is designed to be small and lightweight, allowing for easy cleaning and storage. The decanter is the perfect gift for any wine lover.

EXPEDITE THE AGING PROCESS – The AirVi™ Wine Aerator & Professional Pourer is a strategically designed wine accessory invented to drastically expedite the aging process of your wine. The small air chamber infuses air into the wine using the Bernoulli effect. Simply just attaching this aerator significantly enhances the flavor of your wine. 


STRATEGICALLY DESIGNED – The design of the AirVi™ Aerator includes a chrome ring which allows the wine to flow smoothly through the decanter, all while providing maximum aeration. This ring also allows you to easily take the aerator apart for washing and cleaning. 


NO DRIPS OR SPILLS – The AirVi™ Aerator & Professional Pourer was elegantly designed to ensure that you get an optimal pour while drips or spills. Many decanters tend to leak overtime, but not the AirVi™ Aerator & Professional Pourer.


ENJOY – With the added taste added by the AirVi™ aerating pourer, you can now impress others with a premium wine tasting experience. The gift box packaging makes it easy for storage and transportation, all while making it the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life.


AIRVI™ GUARANTEE – AirVi™ is committed to providing premium wine accessories to enhance any wine experience. 


Price: $19.99